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Latest WWE 2K18

Download Latest WWE 2k18 APK for Android

Are you a hardcore fan of Wrestling? If your answer is Yes then this post is definitely for you. We all find World Wrestling Entertainment games super fun to play. In this post I am proud to provide you with the latest release in Wrestling Entertainment WWE 2K18. On the basis of getting a huge positive response from gamers and wrestling lovers from all the globe developers have launched a yet another version which they claim that the latest version will definitely make you feel more energized, enthusiastic and elated.

If you are contented with the graphics and game play of previous versions then behold to get mind blown with the latest  WWE 2K18 in this franchise of gaming technology. Now you must be eagerly waiting to get your hands on this new development. So read ahead to get to know as to how to download and install WWE 2K18 Apk App Free for iOS/Android/Windows PC/ MAC Computer.

Latest WWE 2K18 for Android,iOs and PC

Download WWE 2K18 for Android, iOS and PC

Cutting long story short we come straight to the point. Below you will find working methods to get this awesome game on your Android/iOS Device or Windows PC/ MAC Computer. We outline each one of these one by one.

WWE 2K18 APK | Download WWE 2K18 Game for Android

For installing the game in Android you are required to download first the WWE 2K18 Apk file of the game which you can easily do from the link below:
Please note that you can’t find the game on Play Store yet as the game is not officially released.

UPDATE: We have tried our best to tweak up the latest WWE 2K18 APK on your Android Device. WWE 2K18 APK is one of the best Wrestling games out there in the market cause of its amazing edge to edge graphics. We are pretty sure that most of them have tried the latest WWE 2K18 from our guide given here. WWE 2K18 APK +OBB is one of the highest games in demand that everyone plays it on their android device. The main thing we have to notice and appreciate the devs is that this game holds up an amazing quality graphics and features around most of the WWE players in its universe and that can be enjoyed on your Android, iOS and PC  without any Hassle. We have routed the latest Version of WWE 2K18 with latest version of download files for Android, iOS and PC.

Now you need to know the procedure of installing  WWE 2K18 Apk + OBB File. OBB is not an installation package. It is an Application Data File. Don’t worry even if you don’t know we have outlined the procedure below for you.

Download WWE 2K18 APK + OBB

  • For this you require to install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store to your Android device.
  • Locate the Apk file through ES File Explorer and install it by clicking on Install button.
  • Don’t run the Apk yet. Locate the OBB File or Data File and open it with ES File Explorer.
  • Once you open the file you will see a small box with an arrow. This is the extract button. Click on it.
  • Now from the window that pops up choose the option of Choose Path.
    In case it is an OBB File then place the extracted contents at External Memory    -> Android -> OBB -> *paste here*
  • If folders for data and OBB not present then you’re required to create them manually.
  • Click on OK once you’ve chosen the path.
  • Once the files are extracted launch the Apk and enjoy the latest update in WWE series of games.

Download WWE 2K18 Apk Latest Update for Android

WWE 2K18 for iOS | Download WWE 2K18 for iPhone/iPad

For iOS also the first step is that you are required to download the Apk file from the link given below. Now you have the Apk for the game. All you require now is to install an Android Emulator in your iOS device.

Download the latest wwe 2k18

Latest WWE 2K18 for devices.

  • You can easily know how to get one from the following link:
  • We have updated on how to install WWE 2K18 on iOS devices using iAndroid Emulator in the above link
  • Remember that you are required to install an Android Emulator on your iOS device to make the game run effortlessly and without any glitches or issues.

Download WWE 2K18 for iOS{Update*}

WWE 2K18 for PC |WWE 2K18 for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Mac Laptop

Following are the steps required to download or install this amazing game WWE 2K18 App Apk Free for Windows PC/ MAC Computer:

Download and Install WWE 2K18 for Mac

For running in MAC Computer also the procedure is the same as described in the iOS section above. All you are required to do is to download an Android Emulator for your MAC Computer.

  • Download WWE 2K18 APK + OBB for MAC from the link provided below:
  • Now for running through the Android Emulator you are again required to run the steps which were outlined above in Android section with respect to OBB + Data Files.
  • The difference is that earlier you were doing those in your Android device. Now you have to do them in Android Emulator.
  • If you are thinking from where to download ES File Explorer for the task then you must know that Play Store is provided with each Android Emulator so that you can install the required applications.
  • Once you have performed the requisite steps then it is time to play the game and enjoy it on your MAC Computer.

Download WWE 2K18 for PC on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

For Windows PC also you are required to do the same thing as outlined for MAC above. You are required to download WWE 2K18 APK + OBB for Windows from the link given below:

  • After you have downloaded and installed the requisite emulator then you are required to install the Apk + OBB Files using the same procedure as described in the Android section above.


So folks these were the simple steps to download and install WWE 2K18 App Apk Free for iOS/Android/Windows PC/ MAC Computer.

Download WWE 2K18 for Windows/Mac PC/Laptop{*Latest Update}

In conclusion we are going to just say that the experience of playing this latest version in WWE Gaming Series is mind blowing and surely it is going to revolutionize the gaming series of World Wrestling Entertainment. So don’t wait; get your hands on this game and get set play it on the platform of your choice.

In case you are facing any issues or problems while installation or even while playing the game(WWE 2K18 Game) make sure you comment it down in the comments section below. Solution to your problem will be provided to you on priority basis.


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