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WWE 2K18 for Android

In game secret moves of WWE 2k18 Apk game.

Most of the users will be wondering now on how will we move up this article as we are going to talk something amazing here as the topic says Download and install WWE 2K18 on iOS for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak. We all know that WWE 2K18 is an android game and the official launch of iOS is not released yet, but here in this article we are going to talk about downloading and installing WWE 2K18 on your iOS device using Android Emulators.

There are a lot of amazing apps and games are available in Android devices, so in this article we are going to talk about installing WWE2K18 for iPhone/iPad using an Android Emulator. WWE 2K18 for PC is already available here. Do Check it and download it on your PC.

WWE 2K18 for iOS

Download WWE 2K18 for iOS without Jailbreak.

WWE 2K18 is one of the amazing games which got released this year as it holds up a lot of super cool graphics and you will get a real feeling that you are in the WWE world. You will be able to fight along with your favorite superstars. WWE 2K18 for iOS is the official game of WWE which is developed and launched by 2k game developers.

WWE 2K18 on iOS: WWE 2K18 iPhone/iPad

WWE2K18 for iOS is designed in a perfect way where you will be able to select your favorite WWE superstar from the list. The game in design is out of the world and it’s so amazing. WWE2K18 is the first game to use the default WWE soundtrack and theme music. We will get through some amazing tit bits about WWE2K18 on iOS for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak.

  • There are 150 superstars in the game and you will be able to select your most favorite wrestler and start off the career.
  • You will get the same to same rings, moves, brawl actions and much more which features in the real WWE.
  • WWE 2K18 for iOS offers up the gamers with an amazing soundtrack and the original theme music for each wrestler.
  • Another amazing factor is that, you can play WWE across the world with your friends. This is one of the most cool features and you will be able to climb up the ladder points.

Download and Install iAndroid Emulator to Get WWE 2K18 for iOS

Easily you will be able to find an Android Emulator on your iOS device using a single search over the web, but we recommend to use the Android Emulator that we are going to talk about as WWE 2K18 for iOS holds up a good size and we need to use it up in a perfect Android Emulator. Don’t need to worry as we will brief up each and every steps regarding the installation process of Android Emulator and WWE 2K18 on iOS device.

iAndroid is the android Emulator we are going to use up here to install WWE2K18 on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak. iAndroid is an amazing Emulator as it will install up the Android Operating System on your iOS device without disturbing your default Apple OS which runs on your iPhone/iPad. iAndroid acts like an application more than an Emulator cause with a single tap on the iAndroid icon from your home screen, it will be transformed as a Android device and you will be a run any kind of Android apps and games without any hassle.

New wwe 2k18 game for iOS

WWE 2k18 APK and OBB for iOS device.

The most amazing thing is that you will be able to install iAndroid on your iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak. But there’s pretty work to do, just follow up the below guidelines to install iAndroid on your iDevice without Jailbreak.

  • The first and foremost step is that make sure that cydia is installed on your device.
  • Open cydia and tap on the Manage option as you will get a series of options and from there search for the source http://apt.modmyi.com.
  • One you tap on the enter button, you will get iAndroid on the search results and click on it.
  • Now a page will be opened up and you will be able to see an install option in the top right corner, tap on it and it will be installed in a matter of time.
  • Now you will be able to access iAndroid application from your home screen, just tap on it and experience the latest Android OS on your device.

This is the best application out there in the market as it will help you to put on an amazing experience to enjoy the most updated Android on your iPhone or iPad. Just follow up the above steps and install iAndroid on iOS(iPhone/iPad) without Jailbreak.

Install WWE 2K18 on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak using iAndroid Emulator

So now let’s get back to the core topic on downloading and installing WWE2K18 on iOS. As I mentioned earlier we can’t directly download and install WWE2K18 for iOS on your iPhone or iPad. So we will brief up each and every steps to install WWE2K18 on iOS using iAndroid Emulator which mentioned above.

Updated WWE 2k18 for iOS

Game play of WWE 2K18 on iOS devices without Jailbreak.

*Make sure that you have installed iAndroid Emulator (Mentioned above) on your device on which you need to install WWE2K18*

  • First of all you should download the WWE 2K18 APK and OBB file from here:Download WWE 2K18 APK   and  Download WWE 2K18 OBB
  • Now launch iAndroid Emulator and open the downloaded WWE 2K18 APK and it will get installed in few seconds, but make sure that you don’t open the game.
  • Navigate to the storage space on your iPhone or iPad and open the folder named as *Android*, and from there open OBB folder. If there’s not one, create a folder named OBB.
  • Once you done that move the downloaded WWE 2K18 OBB file to the OBB folder(Android/OBB)
  • Now get back to the home screen and you will be able to see the WWE 2K18 game icon, just tap on it and enjoy the game. That’s it and hope we have briefed up each and every steps according to your desire. If you have any issues in downloading or playing WWE 2K18 Game on iOS for iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak.

That’s it and hope you have loved this article on Download and Install WWE 2K18 on iOS for iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak. If you face up any further issues, just ping us through via comments or mail us.


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